Notes from the Dark Side of the Classroom

Parent/Teacher Conferences and Stuff

Parent: As long as _______’s grade is good, you and I will be fine.                                   Me: You mean you and _______, right?
Parent: No, we’re always fine.
Me: 😐

Parent: Why does _________ have that grade?
Me: Have you checked grades online?
Parent: No.
Me: Do you have __________ log into the classroom so you can check assignments?
Parent: No.
Me: Let’s ask __________.
Student: I didn’t do all my work.
Parent: Why did _________ not do all his work?
Me: 😐

Parent: I don’t know why _________ sleeps in your class.
Little sister: I know why!
Me: Really? Why?
Little sister: He goes to his girlfriend’s house every night.
Parent: 😬
Me: 😐


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